About Us

Tiger & Coco has been born out of a love of style, interiors & photos..

about Tiger & CocoWe are the proud Mums of Tiger & Coco and have been friends since childhood....We have had many adventures together which have taken us all over the world. Our biggest adventure yet is becoming Mums to our children. Tiger & Coco were born ten days apart and have been best friends from day one.

Our careers in fashion and interiors have been put on hold since having our children and we love spending our days with them. We both found ourselves taking literally hundreds of photos of the children growing up and quickly found ourselves in search of the perfect frame. And so Tiger & Coco was born. Suited to any interior space, we believe we have now created THE perfect frame!

Quality and affordability are the most important factors to us and we believe we have achieved this. Our price points are half the price of what is currently in the market place. Our frames are durable and thick which makes them more sturdy to display in all areas of your home or office. This makes it achievable for everyone to show off their most special memories and at the same time making their home stylish in any type of interior space.

We hope our Tiger & Coco frames make your memories last a lifetime.