Tiger & Coco

Tiger & Coco has been born out of a love of style, interiors & photos!!!!

We are the Mums of Tiger & Coco & have been friends since childhood....we've had many adventures together, which have have taken us all over the world. But our biggest adventure yet, would have to be becoming the mum's toTiger & Coco...born ten days apart and living in the same street, they are the best of friends!

Our careers in fashion and interiors came to an end! And we both quickly found ourselves with more and more photos piling up and in search of the perfect frame. Acrlyic block frames have been in the market for years, but can be very expensive, so we decided to develop our own!!!! Sourced from the highest quality Acrlyic and thicker that the existing frames in the market and therefore much sturdier, suited to any interior space, we believe we have now created THE perfect frame!!!! 

The best part of all! It's almost half the retail price of what's out there!!!!!! 

We hope our Tiger & Coco frames can become homes to your special memories too, and be a stylish addition to your home!